Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Take things one day at a time" by Laurie Wymer

"Take things one day at a time"

In time you will smile again and truely feel it,
and your laughter will be genuine.
But until your pain has gone away,
and our sadness has disappeared,
dont feel you have to be strong.
What your feeling is real.
Dont feel like your wrong
if you want to cry.

There are some roads in life
thta we must travel alone,
even though we may be
surrounded by people whom we love.
Some things in life
such as things you are feeling now,
can't be felt by anyone but you.

But just remember
you are not alone at all;
everyone who loves yu
is walking with you in spirit,
and will be there with you.
you'll find a new strength,
a new peace,
and a new happiness.
It just takes a little time.

(Laurie Wymer)

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